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Soapstone Sculpting Set Soapstone Carving Set POPULAR

This7-piece set of handmade steel tools was designed specifically for carving soapstone. The set comes with a durable canvas roll for storing and transporting the tools. The set contains three hand tools, one rasp, one chip knife, and sandpaper.

Soapstone Carving Set
Item No.: 2301635 (US shipment only)

soapstone carving sets
carving set

miniature stone tool
carving starter kit

wood & stone sculpting sets





Miniature Stone Tool Miniature Stone Tool

Handmade of 1095-C high carbon steel with unique cutting design for small detail work on alabaster, marble, and soapstone. A necessity for the amateur as well as the professional sculptor. Tools are 8 in. long, fork shaped with pointed prongs; the M2 has three prongs and the M4 has five prongs.

Miniature Stone Tool
Item No.: 2301637 (US shipment only)

Soapstone Carving Kit Soapstone and Alabaster Carving Starter Kit POPULAR

Begin your journey into stone carving by working and hand-polishing small pieces of alabaster and soapstone! This Starter Set has everything that the beginner stone carver needs to carve, sand, and polish small pieces for display or jewelry for wearing.

The set contains:
* One Piece Alabaster
* Two Pieces Soapstone
* Two Rasps
* One Carving Knife
* One Bottle of Polishing Oil
* One Dust Mask
* Wet and Dry Sheets
* Instruction Pamphlet

Soapstone Carving Kit
Item No.: 2301639 (US shipment only)

Art lesson:
Stone sculpting

Soapstone Sea Mist Green Soapstone for Sculpting POPULAR

Colored Bermuda Sea Green, Soapstone is one of the most enjoyable soft stones to work with. It's easy to carve with small hand tools and finishes to a high gloss with minimum effort. Soapstone contains no asbestos. Available in randomly sized pieces, so listed sizes are approximate.

Sea Mist Green Soapstone for Sculpting
Item No.: 2301636 (US shipment only)

Also available:
Sculpting Alabaster

Wood Sculpting Set Also available:
Wood & stone sculpting sets

Artist protective clothing & gear

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