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art / illustration magazines -- improve your illustration skills, keep up with trends and techniques, and stay inspired  


illustration magazine
American Illustation magazine

American Illustration magazine, aimed at art directors and designers, covers the newest trends and talent in American arts.

American Illustration magazine
Item No: 6K38N

art / illustration magazines
american illustration

3d world
computer arts
comic books

3D world
3D World

3D World is one of the few magazines written for 3D artists and animators. It features news, practical tips, creative advice, and reviews of the latest groundbreaking hardware and software for PC and Mac. It covers the creation of 3D visuals, illustration, product visualization, and design.

3D World
Item No: 7B9MA

art magazine

art magazine
Computer Arts magazine
& Computer Arts Projects magazine

Encourages, nurtures and facilitates creativity using the latest technology. Helps you create stunning artwork, photos, animations and 3D models. From professionals to students, everyone who has an interest in computer-generated graphics and digital publishing will enjoy ComputerArts and ComputerArts Projects.

Features the latest technology and applications for design, page setup, and printing. Includes tutorials, news, and reviews for users of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and other leading graphics software.

Each issue of Computer Arts Projects magazine comes with a free CD-ROM featuring the latest graphics tools along with the software to run it.

Computer Arts magazine
Computer Arts Projects magazine - with CD-ROM
Item No: 07KY0S

advanced photoshop

photoshop creative
Advanced Photoshop
& Photoshop Creative

Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills, and learning new advanced techniques for the world’s best image-editing software. Each issue is packed with inspiring interviews, challenging tutorials and the whole magazine is tailor-made for the advanced digital artist.

Photoshop Creative helps beginner, intermediate and advanced users in altering images in Photoshop. The included CD is packed with great tutorials, brushes, and photos.

Advanced Photoshop magazine
Photoshop Creative magazine
Item No: E8JLKS

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comic book subscription
Comic Book & Graphic Novel subscriptions

Comic book art has often been a great inspiration for graphic artists / illustrators. Many popular comic books and graphic novels are available on subscription basis.

Comic Book & Graphic Novel subscriptions
Item No: 13016201

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layers magazine
Airbrush Action
Classic Poster Collector
Digital Photo Pro
American Artist: Drawing
Idea: International Advertising Art
Layers - single issues (Adobe software how-to's)
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1. Computer Arts Projects
2. Computer Arts
3. Advanced Photoshop
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