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What's Cool? When it comes to promoting your product, service, image or idea, successful design is not merely about what's cool or award-winning. Have you ever been attracted to a visually compelling advertisement, but you can't remember what the product was? Sure, the ad was cool, but did it generate sales? "Cool graphic design is more than just a pretty face. Design that supports, organizes, and improves the readability of your information is what's really cool.

In this section of our Web site, we show you some of the graphic design projects we've worked on. Those projects include design of corporate identities and marketing material. We also provide information about design books, software, news, stock photography, and other graphic design resources.

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the meaning of
graphic (graf 'ik)
design (di-zin')

elements  typography, language, words, colors, illustrations or photographs, and shapes applied to a two-dimensional surface, and the use of white space

principles   contrast, balance, unity, rhythm, repetition, or depth -- a single principle or a combination of two or more principles

desired effect  an image or a feeling, such as spontaneity, simplicity, power, or sophistication

type of material  brochures, manuals, newsletters, reports, business cards, advertisements, flyers, and more

purpose  to design material that is not merely attractive, but planned, orderly, well-written, creative, informative, persuasive, entertaining, attractive, attention-getting, thought-provoking, communicative, and successful

function   to combine the elements and information, effectively apply the principles, thoughtfully organize a layout with the desired effect and type of material in mind to achieve the purpose

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