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Q&A: What graphics software do you use?

The primary software that many graphic designers use on a daily basis are Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and graphics, Adobe Illustrator for graphics, and Quark XPress or Adobe InDesign for page layout and design. Although Quark XPress was the best layout program for years, InDesign has become the new standard.

These programs are widely used in the industry, are available for both Mac and PC, and files created with them are accepted by all service bureaus. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat come bundled in Adobe Creative Suite.

design software

design / layout
photo editing
3-D software
training CDs
clip art / fonts
Following are links to some of the software mentioned above, as well as others that are popular with designers and artists. More graphic design Q&As are on our "starting out in graphic design" page.)

Introduction of software updates are frequent. We list top graphic design software by category, to make sure that we are listing the latest versions.


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graphic design software Adobe CS5

Adobe CS5 Student
(student prices)

Adobe InDesign CS5

Previous Adobe version: CS4 software

photo editing software Photoshop CS5

Apple Aperture

Paint Shop Pro

illustration software
Adobe Illustrator CS5


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Adobe After Effects

Adobe Flash


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Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office


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