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the principles of graphic design:
best selling books on graphic design principles / graphic design basics
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graphic design basics and graphic design principles
Design Basics

David Lauer's popular introduction to two-dimensional design. Each concept is presented in a full two-page spread, making the text practical and easy for students to refer to while they work. Visual examples from many periods and cultures are provided, for all elements and principles of graphic design. Increased representation of cultural diversity emphasizes the universal application of graphic design principles.

Design Basics
Book No.: 0495501816

books on the principles of graphic design
design basics

graphic design manual: principles and practices

the elements of graphic design

exploring the elements of design

basics of design: layout and typography for beginners

design principles and problems

design basics index

using design basics to get creative results

design for communication: conceptual graphic design basics

graphic design principles and graphic design basics
Graphic Design Manual : Principles and Practices

A reviewer of this book calls it "the bible of graphic design ...the founding principles of graphic design ...what graphic design is all about."

Graphic Design Manual : Principles and Practices
Book No.: U-0442234694

the elements of graphic design
The Elements of Graphic Design: Space, Unity, Page Architecture, and Type

Whether you’re looking at a well-designed poster, book, magazine, ad, or Web site, it's fascinating to see how the same principles of good design apply. Unlike other graphic design books, The Elements of Graphic Design reveals the secrets of successful graphic design from the unique perspective of the page's "white space." With the help of carefully selected examples from art, design, and architecture, the role of white space as a connection between page elements is thoroughly explored. Challenges graphic designers to "think out of the box." This unique resource is guaranteed to inspire more creative and thorough thinking.

The Elements of Graphic Design
Book No.: 1581152507

the elements of graphic design
Exploring the Elements of Design

Learn how basic design elements and principles work together to achieve effective communication design by artfully blending academic principles and theories with real-world, practical design solutions. This concise book begins with the primary design principles of unity, variety, hierarchy, and proportion. Subsequent chapters explore the support principles of scale, balance, repetition, and proximity, and later the elements of shape, line, size, color, texture, imagery, and typography. Profiles of successful designers with samples from their portfolios round out the extensive coverage and offer personal glimpses into the careers of working professionals.

Exploring the Elements of Design
Book No.: 1401832865

Also available:
All 20 books in the "Design Exploration Series"




graphic design basics
Basics of Design: Layout and Typography for Beginners

This heavily illustrated, compact guide is ideal for readers with no graphic design or art education background who need to create first-rate visual page designs. Entrepreneurs challenged with designing their own business cards, and administrative assistants suddenly put in charge of producing newsletters and fax cover pages, are just two examples of readers who benefit from this primer. Includes numerous "before" and "after" illustrations, design principles,how to use color and images to add impact to designs, and basics of typography. Features common design projects frequently assigned to non-designers (company business cards, fax cover letters, graphical and statistical reports, and more). Each project is accompanied by a brief listing of some of the special considerations involved in that type of visual page design.

Basics of Design: Layout and Typography for Beginners
Book No.: 0766813622

graphic design principles
Design Principles and Problems

Thorough introduction to 2- and 3-dimensional design, and includes equitable coverage of fine and commercial art. Media and methods span from the traditional to computer design, and a global emphasis reveals the design solutions seen around the world. Features: the general considerations of design, the elements of design, the application of the principles and elements of design to 3-D works, spans from historical to contemporary design, the art of women and non-western cultures provide a broad base of visual examples, expanded coverage of computer art, the "marriage of medium and concept, the unifying principles of design, and student works representing a range of abilities that illustrate 70 studio problems. The anaysis of student examples will be useful to students preparing for applied design disciplines.

Design Principles and Problems
Book No.: 0155016156

graphic design basics
Design Basics Index

As a professional designer for 20 years, Jim Krause has done work for such top companies as McDonald's, Microsoft and Washington Apples. This latest addition to his popular "Index" series covers all the basics -- everything from typography and color to layout and business issues. Design Basics Index is packed with timeless content graphic designers will turn to again and again, including:
* A wealth of samples and exercises in a fun, flippable format
* Tools and techniques for creating dynamic layouts
* Inspiring ideas for successful idea brainstorming and concepting
* Tips and tricks for navigating the industry with ease

This book starts readers out with a look at the basic building blocks of design and takes them through the process of putting those elements together to create head-turning work. It's a desk reference no designer should be without!

Design Basics Index
Item No.: 1581805012

Also available:
All 4 books in the "Design Index Series"

graphic design basics and graphic design principles
Design Basics for Creative Results

Highlights the fundamental rules of the design profession and showcases their visual execution. Addresses all the fundamental design tools, including format, type, shape, texture and structure. Comprehensive tutorials allow veteran designers to get back in touch with the basics and beginners to learn them for the first time.

A reviewer writes of this book: "...discussed in depth are the basics of design like line, type, shape, texture, balance, contrast, unity, color, and value... A must for every designer."

Design Basics for Creative Results
Book No.: 1581804253

Also available:
- Creativity for Graphic Designers
- Caffeine for the Creative Mind
- Zing! 5 Steps & 101 Tips for Creativity On Command
- More books on Creativity

graphic design basics and graphic design principles
Design for Communication : Conceptual Graphic Design Basics

Offers a unique approach to mastering the basic graphic design principles, conceptual problem-solving methods, and critical-thinking skills that distinguish graphic designers from desktop technicians. Presents 42 basic to advanced graphic design and typography assignments written by college educators, with finished examples of actual student work.

Design for Communication : Conceptual Graphic Design Basics
Book No.: 0471418293

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